The surfers guide to choosing a surf board for a beginner

So you’ve had a few surf lessons, some great tips on surfing from a qualified surf instructor and ridden a few good waves standing up. Now you need to spend time surfing on your own but what type of surf board do you need? Here is some advise from Scott, owner of the Bude Surfing Experience.


When choosing a board it is important to consider your height, weight and ability but as a general rule my advise would be to make surfing easy.


Start off by picking a board that is THICK and WIDE so that when you stand on the surf board it floats and feels stable. It also needs to be LONG so the board will catch the wave easier and it needs plenty of VOLUME in the nose and in the tail of the surf board.


For a child you might want to consider the foam boards rather than the hard boards for safety on wipeout.


Other good advise would be to hire a surf board before you buy one.


I have met so many people who have bought a board that is a) too cheap and will not float or b) doesn’t suit their surfing ability. These people often get frustrated very quickly because they have made surfing harder than it needs to be.


Many surf shops do a ‘hire before you buy’ so you can try many different types before deciding for yourself which surf board is best suited to you.

If you are not sure ask your surf instructor for more advise.

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