Five useful tips when learning to surf for the very first time (Part A)

1 Putting on the wetsuit

This is a classic! People put their legs in the arm holes, wear the zip back to front and the wet suit inside out. Take your time and figure out which way the suit goes before you step into it.

2 Choosing the right board

When starting out you need a board with a lot of buoyancy. So the board needs to be long, thick and fairly wide. The foam boards are excellent as they make catching waves easier.

3 Carrying the board

When carrying your board out to sea beware of holding the board across your body. The wave can pick up the board and smack you in the face (it hurts!). Hold the board on your side or behind you when facing out to sea.

4 Stay within your depth

Don’t jump on the board and paddle straight out to sea without knowing the beach and how it works. Start by keeping your feet on the ground and wade out to waist depth water and catch white water waves.

5 Picking the best wave for you

Start by catching a broken wave in waist depth water. Give yourself plenty of room, make sure you path ahead is clear and pick a wave that no else is already riding.
For more top tips look out for our next blog post or book your surfing lesson with us here at the Bude Surfing Experience surf school in Cornwall and we can take you to the next level.


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