Five more useful tips when learning to surf for the very first time (Part B)

6 Lying on the surfboard


When lying on the surfboard, be sure to adjust the position of your body before you start to paddle for the wave - too far forward and you will wipeout, too far back and the wave will leave you behind.


Make sure that a) your body is aligned straight down the centre line of the board and b) your feet are at the very tail end of the board.


7 Paddling for the wave


When paddling you need to get enough momentum to catch the wave. This means you need to paddle hard and fast. Don’t stop paddling until you feel the board accelerate and the wave is pushing the surfboard forward.


8 Keep hold of the surfboard when riding the wave


Once you have caught the wave grip the rails of the surfboard with your hands - you will be more stable and less likely to fall off. Place your hands either side of your chest and with your elbows pointing to the sky. Only let go of your surfboard once you have planted your feet you!


7 Keep a low centre of gravity


When standing on the surfboard keep your knees bent and your back straight. If you stand up tall you will be more likely to wipeout.


8 Look where you are going


When surfing the wave don’t look down at your feet. Look up and in the direction in which you intend to go.


9 Finish the ride under control


Easier said than done but if you jump straight off your board in shallow water there is a chance of injury. The best way to end the wave after standing is to lye back down on your board before gently sliding off.


10 Learn the basics with a surf school


When learning to surf it is best to take advise from an experienced surf instructor. You can learn in 2 hours what might take you 2 months to learn surfing on your own.

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