Stand Up Paddle at Bude Surfing Experience


What is Stand Up Paddle and is it hard to do? Stand Up Paddle or S.U.P is an activity that we have been running at the surf school now for four years after Scott (owner of Bude Surfing Experience) did a 3 day course in Harlyn, Cornwall with a guy called Steve West. Steve is considered one of the sports founding godfathers and has written some great books on paddling. Steve was an inspiration to Scott who felt he learned the correct way to teach S.U.P from a master.

After investing in some equipment Scott began to run lessons originally as an alternative to surfing when the sea became flat and there were no waves to surf. It was obvious from the start the appeal of S.U.P because it was so achievable and it made you feel great. The basic skills are best taught in stages and you can be paddling within a half hour. Success can be gained fairly easily it appeals to all age groups. It is also really very relaxing and is great for core strength.

The skills are best learnt with an instructor and on flat enclosed water before going into the open sea as there are many issues to consider with regards to safety. Bude canal is a great place to learn and rather scenic and the feeling of zen and being surrounded by nature can be achieved by paddling from one one end to the other. Many of the skills can then be crossed over to riding waves as in surfing.

The main difference between S.U.P and surfing is that surfing is high adrenaline and can be really hard work and very tiring where as paddle boarding is more relaxing and tranquil.

Scott now runs small private sessions in S.U.P on request so if you want to try something new give him a call on 07779 117746

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